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Bottle Rocket Cabaret

Jamie-Sue's award winning music duo with John Latini! Visit their website by clicking on the logo!


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Bottle Rocket Cabaret

Bottle Rocket Cabaret is the duo comprised of award winning musicians John Latini and Jamie-Sue Seal.  The pair have collaborated as songwriters, teamed up for gigs and workshops, and performed in each other’s bands since 2006 but only recently committed to the idea of an official partnership partially due to the overwhelming reception they received in their live shows together. 
Sharing a love for many styles of music, a strong work ethic, a commitment to their audiences, and an enthusiasm and passion for their craft has kept them moving forward and achieving their goals.  Earlier this year John and Jamie-Sue were crowned the “2013 Capital Area Blues Brawl Champions”, and it’s just one more accolade that the two entertainers have added to their long list of songwriting and performing awards.
The pair presents a lively collection of songs and fills in the gaps with superb vocals, masterful guitar playing and vintage flair.  Often drawing comparisons to the iconic duo “Delaney and Bonnie” for their soulful vocals and bluesy approach, their roots-based repertoire also reveals glimpses of jazz standards, gospel, musical theater and opera house follies.  They have branded their show “Bottle Rocket Cabaret” and the duo is lauded not only for their musical talent but for their witty interaction with each other and their audiences.  These two explosive entertainers give performances that are just plain fun.  Their show goes out on the road as the duo only or with their tremendous backing band. 

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